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Founded in 2012 by Mr. Rohit Chauhan producer & director Entertainment is a fully integrated studio that has produced some of the most definitive and prominent work in modern Indian cinema.

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Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media and even streaming media. The term includes methods of video production and post-production.


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In a strip of motion picture film, each movement is recorded through individual photographs in frames. When played at a certain speed, the photos produce moving images. 


Video editing

Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video production footage, special effects and sound recordings in the post-production process


4k Video

The Digital Cinema Initiatives standard for 4K resolution in the film and video production industry is 4096×2160 pixels. The 4K resolution standard for television and monitors is 3840×2160 pixels.


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The company is proud to serve as a home to some of the biggest film stars in the country, having built our reputation through powerful storytelling that is backed by originality, quality, and detail. We believe in creating and developing world-class content that not only entertains but also offers an enriching experience to the audience.

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